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The Fluitec CSE-X® mixer is used for applications requiring the highest requirements. The CSE-X/4-09, the new generation, has a lower resistance factor, even when the mixing requires very high performance. This is the characteristic that gives the new CSE-X/4-09 its wide range of applications. From gasification to homogenization to extreme viscosity ratio mixing applications, the CSE-X® mixer has been successful for many years. With this new mixer, at an equivalent mixing quality, the pressure drop decreases by about 60%.


CSE-X® Mixer

The CSE-X® mixer consists of a structure of plates inclined relative to each other. Sets of elements axially offset by 90° make up the mixer. The number of plates depends on the mixing application and the diameter of the mixer. CSE-X mixers are typically equipped with 4, 6, or 8 plates.

CSE-X/4 Mixer for Small Nominal Sizes

CSE-X® mixers with high numbers of plates require multiple welding points, which increases the price of the mixer elements. For this reason, the Fluitec company specifically analyzed the mixing characteristics of the 4-plate elements. Studies have shown that on small diameters, the mixing performance is only slightly influenced by the number of plates. On the other hand, the pressure drop decreases by about 35% for the same nominal diameter when the plates are curved. In addition, the CSE-X® mixer is now manufactured using a new process to reduce production costs, especially for small nominal sizes < DN 50.


Performance of CSE-X® Mixers

In very slow laminar flows, the mixing quality in soluble mixing applications is largely influenced by the flow rate. Additional parameters such as viscosity, shear rate, residence time, and Froude number are also considered in important calculation programs. Fluitec generally defines the mixing performance using the coefficient of variation (CoV).


Residence Time Behavior of CSE-X/4® Mixer

Fluitec CSE-X® mixers are characterized by high mixing performance with a short insertion length. Numerous studies have shown that CSE-X® mixers exhibit excellent residence time behavior. Fig. 5 perfectly illustrates the fact that the CSE-X® mixer closely approaches the ideal curve. This indicates good self-cleaning ability, which is important especially in applications requiring a high level of hygiene. The studies were conducted with glucose syrup at viscosities ranging from 10 Pas to 400 Pas. While color additives in a tube without mixers still adhered to the tube wall, they were no longer visible with CSE-X® mixers. Bodenstein numbers > 100 can be achieved.

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