POFI-Engineering’s concept


POFI-Engineering’s Experts has extensive experience in the production process of polyurethane flexible foam for the automotive industry.

Their expertise is based primarily on the production of dashboards, headrest, floor mats, seats and also encapsulation.

Your process has a malfunction? Want to improve your process? Want to increase your quality? You want to optimize your production costs?

We offer comprehensive expertise of your production line and monitor your production for 3 days. Following this a report is prepared with proposals to optimize your production line.

You have production facilities in other countries and you need someone to monitor the production, improve, increase performance, start or install an online training staff?

We are your partner with global experience …

Study and Design of 3D CAD complete production lines, mechanical components, fluid calculations, electrical plans, programming automation.

Specific studies of fluids, thermal studies, pressure, viscosity, flow.

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