This machine consists of a steel frame containing all the necessary components for its operation, such as pipes, engine, pumps, valves, tanks, control panel, and instruments. It is a fully autonomous system, controlled through a touchscreen color display.
The touchscreen control system provides startup, production, and weekend modes, as well as constant display of measurement values, faults, and a help menu.

A set of static mixers allows for homogeneous dissolution of gas into the Polyol.

A densimeter continuously measures the Polyol and adjusts the required amount of air.

The Polyol is taken from the tank, transferred to the mixers through a gear pump, and returned to the tank.
The nucleation rate is constantly monitored and adjusted by an automation system.
The nucleator can easily be adapted to an existing installation.
The nucleation air is directly taken from the tank to avoid pressure variations.

Machine Data:

The gas charge results in a very high production of gas bubbles, such as those required, for example, in “rigid foam” applications. In this case, a gas charge of more than 25% is normal.
The gas particles are injected into a secondary circuit and evenly distributed in the raw material (Polyol). A density measurement system is used to maintain and automatically regulate the preselected gas charge.

Technical Specifications:

Flow Rate: 26 l/min
Viscosity: Polyol 100—2500 mPas at 20° C
Air Supply: Minimum 10 bar—Maximum 60 bar
Power Supply: 400 V—3 phase—50 Hz—20 A
Control Voltage: 24 V
Dimensions: approx. L 1570 x W 900 x H 1600
Weight: 430 kg empty