DUT KOREA’s products are focused on operators and offers optimized production units.
The innovative technology on accumulation of experiences are supplied as high compatibility for the entire line then it gives you bigger competitiveness.


Fireproofing for PIR Foam
Proofing for water & moisture
Quiet working environment by sound insulation system.
Low cost with high efficiency
Easy application
Various architectural styles


dut_m05_s16 dut_m05_s17 dut_m05_s18




Line speed 1.5-12m/Min
Panel length 2-12m
Panel width 1,000mm
Panel thickness 40-200mm
Foam system PUR or PIR Rigid Foam
Foam density App. 35-45kg/m³
Temperature of Factory 18±2°c
Temperature of Tank 20-23°c
Factory length 80-100m
Factory width 20-25m
Electric consumption PU line 200kw
Required man power PU line 6-7 People
Yearly production capacity
Production speed 6m/min (50mm T standard)
1 hour production 360m²
1 day production 2,880m²
1 year production (300working days) 864,000m²
Efficiency 80% 691,000m²