Vertical Mixer FAV

These mixers are used in the mixing, dissolving, and dispersing processes whenever powerful and high-speed agitation is required in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries.

Operating Principle

These mixers are installed centrally in the tank using a flange.
The rotation of the blades creates a fluid movement towards the bottom of the tank and upwards to the surface opposite the position of the mixer.

This creates a homogeneous mixture, which is further enhanced if the tank has a dished bottom.


  • Product-contacting parts: AISI 316L
  • Mechanical seals: Nbr
  • Bearing support: Aluminum


Design and Functionality:

  • Vertical agitator
  • Sealing: V-ring seals
  • Motor IEC B14, 1500 rpm, IP55, class F insulation
  • Maximum power 0.75 kW