Designed with the latest flow calculation software, our fixed foam dispensing head is undoubtedly the most cost-effective system to improve your production line.
Most flexible panel production lines have a foam dispensing system with 2 outlets per mixing head. The impact velocity on the lower coating is high, and the flow output is highly turbulent, causing some of the blowing agent to immediately turn into gas and lose its effect on foam expansion. This fluid velocity also creates bubbles at the point of impact.
With this new POFI-Engineering patent, we reduce this effect and enhance foam quality through non-turbulent dispensing. The impact velocity is lower, and the angle given to the distribution system allows for reduced bubble formation. The uniform arrangement of distribution points enables optimal cell orientation and, consequently, better mechanical characteristics of the panel.
Each mixing head outlet is divided into 4 equal streams to ensure better distribution on the lower surface and thus achieve improved density homogeneity.



• Consumables are available from all pneumatic connector suppliers.
• Easy to install and use.
• Suitable for all production lines.
• Low production cost.