Blending station for polyol and Blowing agents:

blending-station-polyol-a-blowing-agentsSome PU application like for example spray systems require ready-made polyol component mixed with blowing agent. For such applications it is necessary to bring the blowing agent to the polyol mixture not on the mixing head of production line but in the blender already.
H&S offers blending stations for polyol and blowing agent based on batch process in conjunction with a buffer tank for storing the blend. Batch technology gives a number of advantages over the online mixing units, it provides more flexibility as it enables mixing and storing at the same time. That means in case of some possible breaks a stock of blend will be always available. Another advantage is that from the buffer tank it will be possible to supply all production lines and not only one. While handling blowing agents especially flammable ones it is important to consider production safety like for example ex-proof design of all electrical parts. H&S has a long experience and guarantees high level of processing safety and quality.


Basic and optional equipment for H&S blending stations includes:


  • blending tank


  • safety trough for protection in case of leakage


  • agitator for optimal homogenizing of the material


  • static mixer for blowing agent


  • pumps


  • safety valves for protection the reactor vessel against  overpressure or negative pressure


  • Automatic valves


  • shut-off valves


  • ultrasonic level control system


  • weighing cells


  • overfilling protection device


  • temperature sensor


  • pressure sensors


  • pipeline system


  • wiring of the complete module


  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS and operator panel or PC, with operator friendly controlling functions and recipe management