Blending Stations for polyol and additives:blending-stations_1


Polyol formulating is a sensitive process which requires approved input materials, high-qualified personnel and reliable blending equipment. The quality of the PU systems is very important either for system houses or for end users which are consuming ready system polyols for internal application.


H&S blending stations designed for batch method are mostly used for formulating the components for all kinds of PU applications where it is necessary to mix polyol with liquid additives (catalysts, stabilizers etc.). H&S blending installations enable high dosing accuracy of the blending-hs-anlagentechnik_10components due to optimal design of the units consisting out of pre-blender for the small amount of additives and main blender for the basic polyols. The precise weight control is being executed due to load cells installed for both of the blending tanks.


H&S blending stations are easy to operate due to high level of automation of all relevant processes like filling of the raw materials into blending tanks, metering, agitating, protection against overfilling, temperature controlling, discharge etc. Ready polyol blend can be transferred either to the intermediate storage tank, tank truck or into drums and containers by means of specially designed H&S filling station.



Due to operator-friendly visualization running the H&S blending stations is extremely easy. Recipe management “H&S Batch Control” is flexible and allows to save big number of recipes, record the results, control each equipment part, switch between manual and automatic mode in case if some modifications are required. Each step of the process can be programmed and modified according to the recipe features. Due to innovative inventory control it is possible to record and view the consumption of all raw materials for the defined period of time and prepare exact purchasing plan for the raw materials stock.


The control system includes traceability function for all batches what makes the production control more observable. All functions of “H&S Batch Control” system are targeted to achieving of the highest level of reproducibility and improving of quality management. Besides mentioned advantages in-house blending is also one of the instruments to minimize the manufacturing costs. Purchasing of the basic polyols and additives is cheaper than ready formulated polyols and provided up to 15% savings.


Many of H&S customers worldwide are successfully using the blending units for different applications. The majority of the blending stations were supplied for such applications as flexible and rigid foam products, aerosols, CASE etc.


Basic and optional equipment for H&S blending stations includes:


  • blender and pre-blender vessel in stainless steel


  • safety trough for protection in case of leakage


  • platform for pre-blender


  • agitator for optimal homogenizing the material


  • pumps for basic polyol and additives


  • temperature control unit (if required)


  • safety valves for protection the reactor vessel against overpressure or negative pressure


  • automatic valves


  • shut-off valves


  • ultrasonic level control system


  • weighing cells


  • overfilling protection device


  • temperature sensor


  • pressure sensors


  • pipeline system


  • wiring of the complete module


  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS and PC, with operator friendly controlling functions and recipe management