Tank Farm for Polyol / Isocyanatetankfarms-hs-anlagentechnik_11

H&S proposing ideal solution for you – tank storage systems for polyol and isocyanate in modern design and high level of technical performance as perfect alternative to costly and inefficient storage in drums or containers.



Basic and optional equipment for H&S storage tanks includes:

  • safety trough for protection in case of leakagedsc04686


  • storage tank in all possible designs


  • insulation


  • agitator for homogenizing the material



  • pumps, pumps with magnetic coupling for isocyanate


  • air drier for isocyanate, for protection against humidity


  • automatic valves


  • shut-off valves



  • ultrasonic level control system


  • temperature control unit


  • heat exchanger


  • overfilling protection device



  • pressure and temperature sensors


  • pipeline system


  • offloading equipment incl. filter


  • wiring of the complete module


  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS




Your advantages:

  • reasonable discount from raw material suppliers when ordering in bulk in comparison to purchasing in drums


  • no interruption or troubles of the production process caused by refilling or changing of drums


  • escaping of permanent uncovered costs for drums residues


  • controlled stable storage temperature of the raw materials


  • avoidance of external negative influences such as humidity


  • safe and environmental friendly handling of the raw materials


  • perfect control of pressure and temperature in pipelines and tanks


  • safety trough for protection against leakage


  • modular design, which enables precise adaptation to customer requirements and further extension