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The transition from batch (batch processing) of chemical reactions to continuous production systems offers many interesting advantages, such as safety, consistent production, time and space savings. When designing a continuous production plant, several important factors must be considered at the planning stage: kinetics, thermodynamics, mass transfer ratios, selectivity, and energy flow are among the most important influencing parameters. By considering these factors, the transition from batch to continuous production becomes reliable and highly cost-effective.

Advantages of Continuous Reaction Processes:contiplant

Once started, continuous chemical reactions offer many advantages, such as:

  • Better control of the reaction
  • Reduced reaction volume
  • Absence of dead zones
  • Improved local energy dissipation
  • Stable operating parameters
  • No time required for filling, draining, and cleaning
  • Reduced floor space requirements, etc.
  • In addition, static mixers have no movement or rotating parts, so there is no wear and no maintenance is required

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