POFI-Engineering has tested for you and offers a cleaner for your machine parts coated with Polyurethane foam.

ENPU888 is an incredibly powerful and effective solvent-free liquid cleaner for injection machine maintenance. Compared to DCM-based cleaners, ENPU888 offers greater cleaning efficiency while being much safer to use. Thanks to its specially formulated formula, ENPU888 can deeply penetrate hardened polyurethane and break its bonds, softening it and altering its structure.

Parts can be soaked in a ENPU888 liquid tank, however, it is important to note that ENPU888 is extremely powerful and must be properly rinsed to stop its action.

In summary, ENPU888 is remarkably effective, safe, and easy to use for injection machine maintenance and the removal of polyurethane residues.

  • Acts very quickly
  • Solvent-free
  • Works on all types of polyurethanes
  • Effective even on polyurethane cast several days ago
  • Impeccable results
  • Ideal for cleaning removable machine parts such as spray guns, nozzles, and molds.

We also offer the complete ultrasonic machine kit and cleaner

How to use it?

1)Soak the parts for 30 minutes at 30°C in an ultrasonic bath filled with ENPU888.

2) Clean with a brush or compressed air.

3) Rinse the parts with water and wipe them dry.