The concept POFI-Engineering.

The industry is (and must be) constantly evolving. Innovation and improvement in processes, procedures, and products should be the major objectives of every entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, the day-to-day management, the need to produce, and satisfy the customer do not allow for the necessary time and resources to be dedicated to these objectives.

With extensive experience in applied research and industrialization, we have chosen to put our skills at your service in the fields of dosing, mixing, and thermoregulation of all components, fluids, gases, and solids. We also have a great expertise in the production of polyurethane parts, such as sandwich panels or molded automotive parts.

We have developed innovative solutions that allow you to improve your production lines, and we offer to develop your ideas or requirements if necessary.

POFI-Engineering supports polyurethane industry professionals in the management, piloting, and coordination of projects with high levels of technical requirements.

Our team

POFI-Engineering is a company founded by an experienced team that has worked for many years in the polyurethane industry, both in the automotive sector and in equipment manufacturing and construction. With this extensive knowledge, the engineers at POFI-Engineering can assist you worldwide with tasks such as writing specifications, supplier consultations, product development, production implementation, recruitment, staff training, and production monitoring.