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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel static mixers are used in all areas of process technology. The diversity of mixer geometries also allows for a wide range of applications when mixing components with large viscosity differences. The new CSE-F insert mixers are cost-effective solutions for mixing with turbulent Re>10000. Standard materials include stainless steels of type 304L, 316 Ti, and 316L.

The CSE-B Mixer

Fluitec CSE-B mixers of the “T” type are exclusively used in turbulent flow applications with Re>2400. Thanks to their geometry, they create intense turbulence. CSE-B mixers stand out for their low pressure drop and can be used in all turbulent mixing applications. For nominal diameters up to DN65, CSE mixers have proven to be highly efficient. Fig3
Application Fields of the CSE-B Mixer

CSE-B mixers of the “T” series are particularly suitable for main aqueous flow mixing applications. Additive flows can reach flow rate ratios of up to 1:1.06.

For mixing applications with viscosity ratios of 1:600, CSE-B mixers have been proven effective for many years due to their unique geometry.

CSE-B mixers can generally be used in the following application fields:Fig3

Additive mixing in turbulent flow
Gas mixing
Dispersion of low-viscosity liquids.

Technical Realization

Fluitec CSE-B mixers are available in standard execution with flanges according to DIN 2633 PN 16 (chemical application) and DIN 2501 PN10 (water technology). Upon request, mixers can be delivered with certificates according to EN 10204-3.1 B as well as pressure and construction testing. CE marking of the mixer is generally possible. Removable mixers can be manufactured upon request, although it is not common for the “T” series.
Special materials such as Hastelloy, titanium, PTFE coating, glass, ceramic, or plastics like PP, PVC, PE, and PVDF are available upon request.

CSE-F Cost-Effective Mixer

Fluitec insert mixers are increasingly used in turbulent mixing applications. CSE-F mixers are cost-effective and can be integrated into existing pipeline systems. A particular feature is the extremely low pressure drop, even at high mixing performance. The tapping is integrated as standard. On request, mixers without tappings are available. Since no approval or pressure testing is required, CSE-F mixer prices are unbeatable, even for applications in the chemical industry. The CSE-F mixer from Fluitec was developed at the ZHW University of Applied Sciences by engineer T. FENNER.
The CSE-F mixer is protected by a patent.

Fluitec CSE-W Mixer

The helical mixer from Fluitec is used for small nominal dimensions. Based on its UD ratio, the CSE-W mixer is particularly suitable for applications in heat exchangers and reactors with residence time. For demanding mixing applications, the CSE-W mixer is only used within certain limits.

Fluitec CSE-X/4 Mixer

The Fluitec CSE-X/4 mixer is used for applications with very high requirements. Compared to other X-type mixers, the CSE-X/4 exhibits a lower resistance factor with comparable mixing performance. This characteristic allows the CSE-X/4 mixer to have a wide range of multiple applications. From gassing to residence time adjustment to extreme viscosity ratio mixing applications, the CSE-X/4 mixer has been proven effective for many years.

Mixer Geometries

The variety in the CSE mixer series allows for precise application of static mixers in all flow ranges. The CSE/CSE-B mixer of the “T” type is the mixer with the highest mixing performance relative to length in the turbulent flow sector.
The insert module CSE-F is cost-effective and is used in a multitude of applications. CSE-X mixers find their application in laminar flows or in mixing applications with extreme viscosity ratios.

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