Blending Stations for polyol and solids:9303_-_2

The technology of mixing polyol with fillers like calcium carbonate or melamine is mostly used for flexible PU foam application. The purpose of using fillers is on one side to reduce the manufacturing costs on the other side to improve such properties of the end product as flame resistance.

H&S offers online mixing solution as well as batch process.The technology of mixing polyol with solids demands a proper homogenization as well as process temperature control due to medium warming during the agitation.Besides standard equipment for blending stations H&S is supplying complete solutions for dosing of solids as big-bag or silo truck handling including dosing screws, vacuum or compressed air feeding systems.




Basic and optional equipment for H&S blending stations includes:


  • blending tank



  • safety trough for protection in case of leakage


  • agitator for optimal homogenizing of the material


  • pumps


  • handling and dosing system for solids



  • temperature control unit with heat exchanger


  • safety valves for protection the reactor vessel against  overpressure or negative pressure


  • Automatic valves



  • shut-off valves


  • ultrasonic level control system


  • weighing cells


  • overfilling protection device


  • temperature sensor


  • pressure sensors


  • pipeline system


  • wiring of the complete module


  • control cabinet with modern and high-performance Siemens SPS and operator panel or PC, with operator friendly controlling functions and recipe management