Storage Tanks for Pentaneimage2

Storing expansion agents such as pentane and other flammable and explosive liquids poses a particular challenge. The handling difficulty of the expansion agents requires specific solutions that must be individually tailored to the storage medium’s parameters. H & S offers individually designed solutions for underground pentane storage systems that enable safe and reliable storage of the blowing agents.

The basic and optional equipment for H & S storage tanks includes:


  • Double-walled storage tank for underground installation (or single-walled for above-ground installation)tankfarms-hs-anlagentechnik_31


  • Unloading equipment


  • Submersible pumps


  • Explosion-proof devices


  • Leak detector


  • Gas presence alarm system


  • Overfill protection device


  • Continuous level indicator with remote indication


  • Automatic valves


  • Shut-off valves


  • Pressure and temperature sensors


  • Pipeline system with special double-walled pipes for underground installation


  • Complete module wiring


  • Modern and high-performance Siemens PLC control panel