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Created in 2006 in Luxembourg, POFI-Engineering specializes in the design of special machines dedicated to Polyurethanes, dosing, thermoregulation and the static mixing of liquid, solid and gaseous components.
With extensive experience in applied research and industrialization, we have chosen to put our skills at your service in the areas of improving your production processes for polyurethane parts, such as sandwich panels or automotive molded parts.

Some statistics

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Our Products

  • Automotive

    We can provide a wide range of products that appeal to the production of parts for the automotive polyurethanes industry

  • Building

    We can provide a wide range of products that appeal to the production of polyurethane sandwich panels for buildings

  • Static Mixing Elements

    We can calculate and provide all types of static mixers

Our production

The details leading to quality POFI-Engineering

An intelligent design
An intelligent design

Produce is one thing, but the optimization of the production know-how that we master


The production is produced in close cooperation with our subcontractors

Effective support
Effective support

Pofi-Engineering still available to you through his advisors.


Discover here a sample of our products