Our services

Do you need to develop and produce a new part but lack the resources or skills to carry out your project?
Do you need an experienced and efficient engineer to oversee your project?

Do you want to improve your current process?

Do you want to develop a production unit on-site or abroad?

Are you looking for subcontractors abroad?




POFI-Engineering can assist you in all your endeavors, from defining the line to choosing suppliers, supplier monitoring, installation and commissioning, production monitoring, on-site training, all around the world.

POFI-Engineering’s role is to support you in all your processes and allow you to focus on your core business, production.

POFI-Engineering engineers offer to handle tasks that they have perfect mastery of:

Research and Development:

  • Assistance in product definition
  • Support for testing
  • Supply of specific equipment for testing
  • Connections with research laboratories


  • 3D design and drawing of the production line
  • Study of production flows
  • Study and development of specific elements


  • Assistance in defining needs
  • Support in writing specifications
  • Supplier search
  • Negotiation of purchases


  • Study and analysis of the production unit
  • Preparation of a report with quantified and supported improvement proposals
  • Creation of plans and diagrams
  • Search for subcontractors and suppliers
  • Follow-up on modifications
  • Assistance with adjustments and commissioning

New Works:

  • POFI is capable of defining a complete factory, from product definition to finding land, building, machines, hiring staff, training, and production monitoring, all around the world.