Unsere Erfahrung zu Ihren Diensten seit 2006

Das POFI-Engineering-Konzept

The industry is (and must be) in constant evolution. Innovation and process improvement, processes and products should be the main objectives of any contractor.
Unfortunately, the management of everyday life, the need to produce and satisfy the customer can not devote the time and resources needed.60919144small
Backed by extensive experience in applied research and industrialization we chose to put our expertise at your service in the areas of metering, mixing and temperature control of all components, fluids, gases and solids and a wide expertise in the production of parts of polyurethanes, such as sandwich panels or automotive moldings parts.
We have developed innovative solutions to help you improve your production lines and we invite you to develop your ideas or needs if necessary.
POFI-Engineering is a company founded by an experienced team who worked many years for the polyurethane industry, specialy for the automotive industry, for the production of equipment and for the building insulation. With this great knowledge, engineers POFI-Engineering can help you in drafting specifications, consultations suppliers, product development, commissioning production, recruitment, staff training, production monitoring, and worldwide.

POFI-Engineering supports industrial polyurethanes in the management, control and coordination of projects with high levels of technical requirements.


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Unser Team

General Manager

Graduate Engineer, 10 years in CNRS (reserch center), 18 years manager producing PU machines

Dorine PODDA
Dorine PODDA
Responsible Management and Administration

22 years purchase manager for PU, Specialised in spare parts, mixing heads and pumps

Project Manager

Graduate Engineer, specializing in design to 3D CAD

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