Laser control system

Concept of the Laser:IMG_0447

The conduct of a sandwich panels production line is usually managed by operators, and there is often that there are differences in production function of the operator to control (density, quality, productivity, …).
The operator with many different tasks to perform, it also happens that the wave moves without noticing and it results in poor quality panels.
The laser serves to measure the distance between the removal of foam and wave, once the distance set by the operator the laser takes over and manages the line speed to maintain a constant position of the wave.
If there is a too great a speed correction to achieve the laser warns the operator.
The set distance is displayed on a screen and can be stored. It will allow to verify the differences in positioning of the wave function and operators to address potential problems.
During production, the operator is released from a spot and will be able to focus on other priorities.

This system is compatible with all existing lines.


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